Kersten Chalk

Stimulate your intents; contemplate your targets



What have I learned through a long career – working in many fields within theater and the arts?

In an early job as publicity assistant at Random House Publishing I learned researching and finding audiences for their wide-ranging book list.

As a writer and film editor of documentary film in New York I learned the art of finding the theme and thread of each film to fulfill the designs of the producer, the visions of the cameraman, the objectives of the client and the demands of the marketplace – who is the audience for this film?

As a publicist the challenge was to sell the product – and the better the product the easier the sell.

As a producer/designer of multi-projector slide shows the visual images led the way to selling the product.

As marketing director for a 1,500 seat theater every show needed to attract some section of the regional audience: Who? What? When? Why?

As executive director for an historic preservation agency I had to answer the question: Why is that old building or run-down park important?

As a writer, hired to write specifically for the client, lessons from all of the above come together as from this amalgamation of activities there are a few basic commonalities.

How I Can Help You to:

 your topic for its best and most compelling message.

Learn to understand all aspects the topic: what is the book, film or play about? How will seeing or reading it change the audiences thinking about the topic? How do you want to change their opinion or ideas? How does the topic excite or stimulate its audience?

Analyse and attract an audience to your compelling message: clarify/simplify

Focus on what what you want your audience to learn from your message

Define Your Goal: changing people’s minds; helping them to see more clearly your basic topic/message. This is the goal of any project: the film/book/play/slide show/performance/blogs on your web site/plans for urban renewal or development.


How do I do that? Well, each project is different, but through the years I have learned to evaluate, focus, clarify and simplify: to strengthen the story, find the critical transitioning situations, lead the topic to resolution.

I’ll work with your project to review, discuss, advise and encourage. It will always be YOUR PROJECT, I’m a facilitator, counselor, supporter helping you to discover and clarify your own ideas. 

 Next step:

Complete the Contact Form and send it along. Keep the basic information short and to the point.

The first consultation is at no charge, if we find a commonality of ideas and goals we can plan the most effective ways to continue.