Kersten Chalk

Stimulate your intents; contemplate your targets


Consider helping your “Wits to Work”

photo of Sandra Kersten ChalkHow can I, with my long career in marketing and writing for theater, film and the arts, help to get your project off the back burner or out of the file drawer? 

I can help you take a step back and review what you have so far accomplished:

  • what is your story?
  • what is the goal?
  • what is the best medium for its expression?
  • what is holding you back from moving forward?

Is your web site unproductive? Do you need help with content?

I can take your rough outlines, notes, concept ideas, first drafts or first cuts and help you to mold them into short, to-the-point informational and entertaining content people will return to.

Need funding? Need help completing Grant Applications?

I  have been successful in winning grants for a variety of activities. I can help analyse the questions, review your proposed project, compose the application.

 PHOTO: Seattle Sunset; Rich Mann, All Things Photographic